KTH Stockholm-Spaghetti Bridge Workshop

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KTH Stockholm, Spaghetti Bridge Workshop


Andy Nettleton
Johan Lindersson
Martijn Veltkamp
Edoardo Tibuzzi
Gunnar Tibert
This two-day workshop target was to build various bridge models using spaghetti and glue gun (hot melt) and then load test them  in order to better understand the behaviour of various structures carrying the load. Each class is divided into four groups with each group to build a model.
This workshop is inspired by the annual Spaghetti Bridge Championships at Okanagan College in Canada with the difference that not only bronze weight and maximum load capacity is assessed.

Learning outcomes:
After completing the workshop, the student should be able to:
• explain how a structure can fracture depending on the structure’s exterior and interior geometry and topology.


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