Mind Over Matter @ V&A Museum


This installation was built specifically for the 2016 Mind Over Matter Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum. AKT II was selected to represent the British Engineering excellence, together with other four British practices. We have conceived the installation to be an artistic interpretation of the Bloomberg headquarters Ramp which we engineered as part of the wider commission. This “sculpture” is made of 150 GFRP plates, the same material of the concomitant Serpentine Pavillion, Its weight exceeds 200kg and it is free standing. We used state of the art computational design to make sure the installation could stand without any need of vertical supports (except for the base). We also entirely assembled it in our office, and we believe the final result is astonishing.

AKT II p.art team:

Edoardo Tibuzzi

Jeroen Janssen

Deyan Marzev

Jeg Dudley

Jens Pedersen

Lorenzo Greco

James Kingman

Santiago Serna

Daniel Bosia

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