Hiperarkaik Tektonik: A Journey into the 4th Dimension




Computational design rejuvenates the ancient art of mosaics through the application of advanced mathematics and digital fabrication methods. The marble mosaic murals and sculpture on exhibit were created through a joint effort between İstanbul design studio Emedya Design and research collaborators and engineers, AKTII of London. The mosaics are produced through the expertise of Turkey’s leading stone producer, AKDO. The design of these mosaics originates from mathematical formula based on infinitely repeating aperiodic geometric tiling in two and three dimensions. The formula of this tiling is transformed through computational design into geometric patterns to create the final form. Digital fabrication using water jet applies this computer data to cut out each of the individual mosaic tiles that are all assembled by hand.

These marble mosaics present new expressive and rational opportunities in the generation of form and space for architecture. Aperiodic tiling based on the infinite but never repeated geometric patterns last used in architecture in the medieval Islamic era, are presented in this exhibition as a new idiom for architecture and design today merging computation and craft, aesthetics and structure as “Hyperarchaic Tectonics”.
The marble murals on exhibit suggest expansive spatial and tectonic geometries organizing and expanding the vocabulary of contemporary design through pattern and scale. Mosaics have always worked in tandem with architectural space. In this exhibition these murals suggest geometric connections between human, building and urban scale in two dimensions. The works look forward to an architectonics of three-dimensional aperiodic tiling as a design aesthetic and as a building system.

Curator: Gökhan Karakuş
Exhibition Design: Emedya Design – Gökhan Karakuş, Özlem Alkan Karakuş, Gözde Kavalcı
Mosaic design:
Emedya Design – Gökhan Karakuş, Gözde Kavalcı, Duygu Özgül,
Adams Kara Taylor II – Daniel Bosia, Edoardo Tibuzzi
Fabrication: AKDO / Silkar Madencilik
The project is realized as part of the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial Parallel Event Programme.





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