Kristalldomen Power Station


Kristall Domen

Proposer: BIG A / S – Bjarke Ingels Group by Bjarke Ingels, Andreas Klok Pedersen, Jacob
Sand, Marie Lancon, Danae Charatsi, Julia Boromissza
AKTII: Rob Partridge, Edoardo Tibuzzi
SLA: Anne Kathrine Esbjerg
Lüchninger + Meyer Bauingenieure AG: Philippe Willareth
Spacescape Alexander Ståhle

This proposal for a new power station  adds a new and unique form to Uppsala skyline.
The architecture is reminiscent of science, future and development and do not indicate the classical industry, which is good for the overall impression to the cityscape and skyline.
The proposal is based on the facility also may use other both in the park and partly inside the building when not used in the summer time.
The CHP plant is compressed as much as possible to free up space for events, visits and exhibitions.
The idea is to give something back to Uppsala residents. The crystallised volume has a strong own idiom, without affecting the main building.

kd02 kd01 kd03 kd06

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